The Best I recently moved to NC and was worried that I wouldn’t find another chiropractor that was as great as the one that I had to leave behind. I found Dr. Stef and Dr. Nick through a friend and they are so wonderful!!! Completely committed to my enitre family’s wellness (which I never got at the other chiropractor). Thank you Dr. Stef and Dr. Nick!!!

    Karen S.

    Autoimmune Have been going for the past few years and Dr Stef and Dr Nick have really helped me with managing my autoimmune disease and overall well being of my body. I highly recommend it!

    Melissa M.

    They truly focus on whole body wellness! We love Adjusting the World Chiropractic!! Dr Stephanie and Dr Nick are the best! They are attentive and caring. Both of my young children see Dr Stephanie to help prevent ear infections and colds. I have problems with my neck due to past trauma and I have seen GREAT improvement in a short amount of time. I will continue to go here to remain healthy and well. The energy you can get after an adjustment is AMAZING!! You will find such a friendly and amaz

    Kellee K.

    The Best! Highly Recommend Dr. Stephanie & Dr. Nick are the best at what they do, their thorough examination to help address your chiropractic needs and their determination to promote excellent health, both body & mind supersedes any medical courtesy. I am delighted to entrust their practice with my care and more delighted to feel the results; my back & hip pain is gone. My hat goes off to such an Amazing Team. Love Them!!

    Evelyn Vazquez

    Awesome people! My family and I have been going to Dr. Nick and Dr. Stefanie for a couple years now and they are the best! When starting chiropractic care I had headaches, lower back pain and stomach aches and now I’m pain free! I love the atmosphere in the office, everyone there always has a great attitude. My son is just over a year now and is beginning to love his weekly visits 🙂


    Allergies I have been a patient at Adjusting the World chiropractic and I finally brought in my daughter, who was one 4 medications for acid reflux and allergies combined. After 6 adjustments, we decided to decrease the reflux medication and have weened her off completely and there is not sign of reflux. Her allergies have vastly improved, and there is no reason to medicate our daughter! She gets sniffly on occasion but she has not been sick in over six months and we just made it through a sp

    Suzie L.

    If you’re pregnant, go to see them!!! I started going to Adjusting the World when I was 4 months pregnant and had been experiencing fatigue, pain and I was extremely uncomfortable. After a few adjustments, I could feel my body align and function better. The month before going to see Dr. Stefanie was the most uncomfortable part of my pregnancy. The rest of the pregnancy was a breeze and my labor was only 8 hours in length, pretty good for a first baby! Even though I had an excellent del

    Polly H.


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