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Chiropractic care saved our sons life when western medicine failed us. Our son was a very sick baby. Respiratory infection after respiratory infection. Weak lungs, trouble breathing. Any simple cough from someone would trigger a lung infection which would last 2 or so weeks. When people asked how he was we started replying “it’s a good week” or “it’s a bad week.” Reflux was at an all time high. We kept hearing the doctors throw around “asthma” even tho he was so young. Head banging, hand flapping, eating non food related items, meltdowns, regression with words. He was on many heavy duty medications but still wasn’t getting better. The answers we were given just lead to more invasive tests/medications and dead ends. Then someone recommended chiropractic care. Honestly, I knew nothing about it. Manipulating a baby?! What! I had no idea they did that. I played with the idea for another month before we tried it because it scared me. We took a leap of faith out of pure desperation and tried out one of the chiropractic care plans. We felt like we were grasping at straws. It’s a lot of money and nothing else has worked. Why would this? Boy were we shocked when we watched our constantly sick baby stay healthier for longer stretches than a week. Two months in and all of a sudden he was rarely sick anymore. Reflux improved along with a major diet change. We started detoxing him and his sensory symptoms started to fade. I was so impressed with his progress I started treatment for myself-Lyme disease. I’ve too seen improvement but still have a long way to go. After a year of progress we switched our daughter too. For anyone thinking about alternative treatments but are unsure about making the leap, I would highly recommend you give it a true shot. Follow the recommended care plans and you will see improvement. We’ve had to make sacrifices along the way to afford it, like ditching cable. From our experience it’s been 100% worth it. Take back your health and future! You deserve to feel pain free. 

-Megan M.

We went to chiropractors on and off throughout our lives making us feeling good while we were there, but it never “fixed” the problem. As soon as you stopped going, it seemed to always come back. The chiropractors told you to keep going, but you never really knew if it was truly working. This is not the case at Adjusting the World Chiropractic (ATWC). They are like no other chiropractor we have experienced. They have a unique process and it works!

Ryan is a professional athlete when he’s not working his 40 hour/week desk job. He is a Pro Jetski Freestyle athlete who travels the country doing performances and competitions. He does flips and spins on a high performance 200 HP stand-up Jetski. Think Freestyle Moto-X, but on the water. We’re not sure what is worse for his body, sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day, or continuously slamming down on the water from 10-20 feet up in the air from all sorts of angles and inverted maneuvers. Either way, ATWC is there to help prevent injuries and keep his frame aligned properly.

Catherine is a child care professional and a new mom. Picking up kids and holding them all day long is quite abusive on the body’s frame. Catherine is consistently bending down, sitting on the floor, and in other odd positions. She just had her first baby and plans on having more in the near future. ATWC is able to keep her spine aligned during all these changes.

Our baby, Brock, has been going to ATWC since his first week of life! We feel it is important to be proactive in health care and we know ATWC is the place to be!

Let us tell you some things you’ll experience at ATWC.

After our initial visit, within one second of walking in the door (unannounced), they said “Hey Doberstein’s!” We’re still blown away with how anyone could memorize and recognize someone that quick!

If you walk in having a bad day, you leave having a great day! Everyone there is always in an extra-good mood!

They’re extremely scientific! There’s absolutely no opportunity for a “placebo effect” because they can show you your before and after with multiple sources.

Somehow through their wizardry, they can get though an entire waiting room of patients by the time you’re done warming up, but yet no one feels rushed. #MindBlown

During pregnancy it was a life saver with lower back pain. It made being pregnant an enjoyable experience!

We always heard such great things about ATWC from other naturally minded individuals, so we had to try it for ourselves. We are so glad we did, because the entire staff is fully committed to the well being of our family!

Life before coming to Adjusting the World was full of medications for my son Landon. He was diagnosed with asthma around age 3. He also is a twin and he and his sister were born 9 weeks early by emergency c-section. Landon only weighted 2lbs 9oz and was 2 inches longer than a ruler stick. At the time we started care he was 5 ½ and was on 4 prescription medications for his asthma. I had so many of my friends telling me to give chiropractic care a try because Landon was always sick. A minor cold would go straight to his chest and result in every 4 hour albuterol nebulizers and often times, oral steroids as well. I was DONE pumping my baby with medications. But to be honest, I was super hesitant to seek chiropractic care. I am a RN and never “believed” in chiropractic care. I was scared to death to have my neck “cracked” and more scared to have it done to my child. Enter the fabulous Heather!! Once I had my consultation with her and she explained how chiropractic care could benefit my son, my wheels started turning. I also really appreciated the fact that xrays and scanning were done prior to the doctors even touching my son. It was incredibly eye opening to see those xrays and actually see how off center his little body was. He was carrying double the weight on one side of his body. I can not even imagine how he felt.

Fast forward a few weeks and a few adjustments under our belt. I slowly started to see improvements. He was much more energetic. He was eating more. Gaining weight. Sleeping better. His attitude was better and this child would actually ask to go get adjusted. We are now at the year mark of adjustments and we trying to wean off his twice daily inhaler, with the consent of his pulmonologist of course. Something else that totally knocks my socks off is the fact that his small colds don’t turn into bronchitis like they would in the past, thanks to some extra adjustments. The staff at ATW is always able to get us in if he wakes up feeling stuffy or coughing. I know 110%, these adjustments have prevented Landon from going on oral steroids and even antibiotics.  I can not even put into words how amazing this is!!


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