Corrective Chiropractic

There are many philosophies when it comes to chiropractic, but one of the ways the doctors at Adjusting the World chiropractic set themselves apart from many in the profession is their focus on corrective chiropractic care.  

Care at Adjusting the World is more than simply pain relief, or relief from whatever symptoms may be bringing you into the office.  Although chiropractic is amazing at finding and relieving the cause of sciatica, headaches, back and neck pain, along with numbness and tingling, the doctors at Adjusting the World take it a step further in investigating the true correction of these conditions so they do not continue to haunt you.  The doctors not only restore movement to your spine, relieving pressure, pain and inflammation, but they also work to correct misalignments such as lateral curves and loss of curves in the spine that can cause degeneration over time.  

“Great staff and service! After a series of nagging injuries and soreness kept me from performing the physical activities. After a few weeks, the soreness went away and I'm back to doing the physical activities I enjoy without constant injuries popping up. I'm feeling better than I have in years and I recommend to anybody.” -Randy A.

The doctors at Adjusting the World will provide progress exams throughout your care to ensure corrective progress is being made.  They will also educate you throughout the process on lifestyle habits you may need to start and others you need to stop, as well as exercises to support you through the process.   We have very active doctors, so if you are an athlete looking to work through your injury, the doctors will do their best to keep you moving while addressing the cause of your problem.


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