Dr. Nick Rodsater

Dr. Nick grew up in a small town in central Illinois. He developed his passion for health and performance at a very young age through his love of sports. He got his first exposure to chiropractic following a sports injury. That first experience with chiropractic changed his life in a way that he never expected. His chiropractic care allowed him to get back on the field and perform at a level higher than before. As he continued chiropractic care, he began to notice other changes in his health as well, and then that is when he knew there was more to chiropractic than fixing back pain and sports injuries! At that very moment, he knew his purpose was to change people’s lives through chiropractic, and every step he made from that point forward lead him to becoming the chiropractor and healer that he is today. Before he attended and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Nick pursued his athletic dreams by attending Western Illinois University and playing basketball. While at Western Illinois he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of exercise science.  Once Dr. Nick moved on to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, he met the ultimate love of his life, Dr. Stefanie Gross Rodsater. During their time together at Palmer, they attended many educational seminars to enhance their chiropractic knowledge and philosophy on true health and wellness. Upon graduation, Dr. Nick moved to the Lake Norman community with Dr. Stefanie. They opened Adjusting the World Chiropractic with the deep purpose of educating and empowering the community to take their health into their own hands through a drug free natural chiropractic lifestyle. Over the last seven years Dr. Nick’s passion to change the lives of the families in our community has grown and expanded along with Adjusting the World Chiropractic practice. This growth has allowed Dr. Nick and Dr. Stefanie to have an even bigger impact in the Lake Norman community. Dr. Nick stays very active in the community through his involvement in the Chamber of Commerce, adult sports leagues, and sponsorship of many local community events. Dr. Nick is excited to continue to influence people in our community to reach their highest potential for health and happiness.

Dr. Stefanie Gross

Dr. Stefanie grew up in northern Illinois.  She grew up under chiropractic care, as her brother, Cameron has spina bifida and has greatly benefited from chiropractic care throughout his lifetime.  The natural lifestyle inspired Stefanie to want to share that with others.  She attended the University of Illinois in Champaign graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition. She began her Doctor of Chiropractic studies at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Dr. Stefanie excelled participating in numerous organizations, seminars and graduated with honors. Dr. Stefanie also fulfilled an internship under Dr. Brandt Hulsebus C.C.W.P, LCp at Hulsebus Chiropractic in Rockford, IL. Through her internship, Dr. Stefanie gained knowledge and skills of pediatric chiropractic which has magnified her desire to inspire healthy kids and families. Dr. Stefanie is certified through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association as a Board Certified Pediatric Chiropractor as well as a certification as a doula through CAPPA.  She is spent many weekends studying and earning her certification in Chiropractic Wellness, a study of the human genes and how to keep them healthy.  This certification is granted through the ICPA, giving her a C.C.W.P (certified chiropractic wellness practitioner)  She is very passionate about educating parents and patients about healthy lifestyle and natural health options. She also enjoys speaking at chiropractic events sharing her knowledge about the success and love in working with the pediatric and pregnancy population.  She is currently a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Sherman’s Regents, and the International Chiropractic Association.

Dr. Nick and Dr. Stefanie met during their early years in Chiropractic school.  During their time at school, they participated in a Clinic Abroad trip to Brazil, where they were able to treat hundreds of underprivileged people in just one week.  This experience has motivated them to fulfill chiropractic missions such as this throughout their career and truly adjust the world. They have had the desire to help people and feel fortunate to be in such a great profession.  They are committed to chiropractic as an avenue to improve the health and wellness of everyone they meet.  Their mission is to SERVE men, women, and children through top quality chiropractic care by educating, inspiring, and empowering them to take their health, happiness, and quality of life to its maximum potential  Dr. Nick and Dr. Stefanie are Certified Chiropractic Wellness Practitioners, a certification declaring them as Experts in Wellness, an outstanding avenue of achieving optimal health and maximized quality of life, a commitment they have made due to their burning desire to provide patients with more than pain and symptom relief.  Dr. Nick and Dr. Stefanie are excited to be a part of the Huntersville/Lake Norman community and look forward to increasing the health and wellness of local families.

Dr. Jolynn Bachman

Dr. Jolynn Bachman graduated summa cum laude from Northwestern Health Sciences University with her Doctorate of Chiropractic.  She grew up in Watertown, South Dakota and was exposed to chiropractic at the age of 4.  With a lifetime focus on science and wellness, she attended the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition, Exercise and Health Sciences.  The overarching goal of her chiropractic career is to apply constant learning and her caring spirit together to improve the lives and wellness of her patients while being a health resource for her local community. As a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Dr. Jolynn is Webster Certified and is qualified to treat prenatal women, infants and children.  Dr. Jolynn lives in the Lake Norman area with her husband, Jacob and goldendoodle, Josie.  In her free time she enjoys yoga, running, road biking, reading and healthy cooking.